When will my kit be delivered?

Your Honest at Home burger kit will be delivered 3 days after you place your order. DPD will be in touch on the day of delivery via email and text with a delivery time. You can then let them know a safe (and ideally, chilled) place to leave your kit if you're out.

How does your kit stay fresh during transport?

Each kit is packed the same day DPD picks it up. Plus it's packed in an insulated box with icepacks to keep it chilled.

Can I freeze the kit?

You can but it's best if you eat it fresh. Just like in our restaurants, not a freezer in sight.

How long will my burger kit last?

You can eat your kit on the day you receive it, and the day after, so you can order in advance if you have something special planned.

Do you offer returns?

Sadly we’re unable to offer returns as the kits are perishable.

Who do I contact with any queries about Honest Shop?

That's us. Email shop@honestburgers.co.uk

Who do I contact with queries about my Honest at Home delivery?

DPD will be in touch via email and text, you can then contact them directly.

Do you sell physical gift vouchers?

Not just at the moment, sorry. 

How long do gift vouchers last?

Our gift vouchers last for 3 years from the date of purchase, it will be written on your digital gift voucher. 

What is the Butcher's Dozen? 

Our take on a baker’s dozen offers 13 burgers throughout next year – that’s our monthly special each month and a bonus burger of your choosing. 

The recipient will receive a gift wrapped keyring unique to them which unlocks their burger on each visit and gains them access to the Honest Federation – an exclusive world of content, tasting and events throughout the year.

Sorry, it cannot be used for delivery or click and collect.